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I'm fundraising for Scotland's animals.

I'm taking part in Step for Pets to help raise funds for Scotland's animals. Throughout February I will be aiming to walk at least 10,000 steps a day while out walking the dogs. 

You can sponsor as little as £1, and can also remain anonymous.

I will not be using a Fitbit but an app called Pacer. I will input my steps at the end of each day. 

You can ask for proof and I will screen shot the app. 

Some days I may not get to 10,000 but that will be made up another day. The weather may just be too awful (for example). Either way 280,000 steps to be achieved by the end of the month. 

Thank you

P.s. I have not broached this subject with Freya and Buachaille yet!! 

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....And we are finished, well done to the Woofs! Thank you all.

Sunday 28th Feb
Actually feel sad.
So now it is back to trying to revive a severely  frost damaged  garden. 
I think I’d prefer a steps challenge. 

New Lanark Loop

Saturday 27th Feb
Found lots of old buildings (like this chapel) hidden in woodlands. 
Lots of uppies and downies. 😩 41 flights of stairs worth, according to Apple. 

Thank you Clyde Walkway

Friday 26th Feb
This walk runs along the River Clyde, for mile and miles,  and I have been here most days this week. Its a nice path and generally not too muddy (bar those bits photographed Wednesday). Its a great place to get your steps in, dogs love the water and meet so many nice people. I have spent many walks chatting to god knows how many people., because they all complement the dogs on their good behaviour, which is great!

More donations! Thank you. Today the woofs and I reached the 300,000! Check out the nice white teeth.

Thursday 25th Feb
It cost a fortune to look like that 😁😁😁😁😁

Step goal reached !!! 🐾🐾🐾🐾

Wednesday 24th Feb

Today is MUD!

Wednesday 24th Feb
I shall provide some pictures of MUD! 
Dogs fine and dandy. Wouldn't have known they had had a general anaesthetic yesterday! 
Usual nonsense.  

All animals back and fine from ops. Sleepy heads. Sleeping in bowl.

Tuesday 23rd Feb
Nothing to do with steps and dogs 🐾🐾
After her teeth clean, and general anaesthetic, Nutty the cat ate her chicken with gusto, then ransacked her biscuit bowl and promptly fell asleep in it. 
Back to walking and counting those steps tomorrow. Its amazing how many steps you can just do visiting the vets and bumbling around the house. Over 8,000 so far. 

🙏 Revised ££ goal reached! 🙏

Tuesday 23rd Feb
Big thank you to everyone who donated. 
Still 5 days to go! 

💷💷 Teeth Day! 😿🐕🐕 🐾🐾 Lamb Day!🐑🐑

Tuesday 23rd Feb
This was pre planned.
All the animals are at the vets, getting teeth checked and cleaned. Well it is 20% off month in February and teeth cleaning is NOT cheap.💷💷💷💷💷 so any discount is to be taken advantage of.
So today will be a traumatic day for everyone. 😱
Also extremely traumatic for the lambs. Saw my first field full this morning. Looking totally miserable in the horrendous wind rain and cold. 🥶🥶🥶
You have to feel for them!

Sunny warm (10 degrees) and a short walk.

Monday 22nd Feb
Our feet are worn out. So just a short walk from Biggar down towards Broughton.  

River very swollen, lots of flooding.

Sunday 21st Feb
Tried to walk at Maudslie today. No way. The paths were under water so climbed up to find other paths down to river, they too under water.  
So gave up and went to Lanark, walked along by the Clyde and Cora Linn Falls. The river was in spate and it was totally amazing. Videos will be posted on You Tube if you want to look. Stuart Masons channel shows the river. 

Wet muddy and a quite miserable walk today 😩

Saturday 20th Feb

Back to Maudslie woods

Friday 19th Feb
Boy these guys look piffed and we had only just started! 
Mind I am feeling a bit piffed today. 
Big walk yesterday followed by full house clean....hmmmm....should have left the house clean till March. 😉

Back to the river Clyde today, not too much mud

Thursday 18th Feb
Jsut trying to find the nicer places to walk. Crossford and Maudslie Woods. By the river. So swimming (in the calmer areas), catching and “sharing” sticks! 

Walking by the river Clyde

Wednesday 17th Feb
So today we attempted to find a non muddy walk. 
Lets put it this way, this was dry mud, so not bad. 
The river was very swollen, but these guys are total woosies when the river is flowing fast, just want to catch stones and things on the edge of the river. Probably a good thing, they are sensible, they would have easily been washed away! 

Poor little Freya has a limp...

Tuesday 16th Feb
She seems a bit sore after each of our walks. 
Hobbling a bit. 
Vet has given us some anti-inflammatory to see if that helps.
Found local woods not so muddy....🤪

Back to mud. Dirty dogs again. Waiting for their hosing.

Monday 15th Feb
They get up on to the table waiting for hosing and drying. Nice spot for me, easy to do. Then in the house for a hair dry. They love the hairdryer.. 

Boo to wet weather

Sunday 14th Feb
Today we just did local woods. Sadly the rain came down and the snow is going quickly. This is the last snowdrift at our local woods. 

Still very cold and snowy up the road at Newbiggin

Saturday 13th Feb
Picture in the gallery, shows that hill (Tinto) in the background again. 
I am sitting at the Trig Point. 
It is about -7 windchill .... brrr. 

Last of the snow?

Friday 12th Feb
Sadly the snow is going. 
This means:-
- My bag sliding days are over for a while
- The woofs are likely to require the hosepipe treatment 
- Everything will look much less pretty 
Never mind. 
The picture shows Tinto Hill in the background. 
At 2,000 feet the highest hill in Lanarkshire. 
Very popular with walkers.
Hey nice to meet Linda, Clyde and Buddy today. Good to catch up. Hopefully we can get back to doggie class soon!! 

Black bag sliding bores Freya.

Thursday 11th Feb
Sadly I did so much  sliding Freya got bored and instead of chasing me just waited till I got back up.
P.S. That was tiring!

Today a different picture. Black bag under bum slid down hill.

Wednesday 10th Feb
Check out the bum imprint. 
Yellow line shows general direction of my descent. 
I was hampered by the dogs trying to stop me sliding, little buggers. 

Yay!!!! Fun!!!

18000 steps today in snow ... lovely

Tuesday 9th Feb
Lanark racecourse, loch and the golf course (twice). Well no one was playing golf! 

Clean dogs at Lanark Loch.

Monday 8th Feb
Very cold. Quite windy. Sun shining. Snow here and there. All rather lovely. 

Part 1. Too icy and part 2. too many people ! Clean woofs.

Sunday 7th Feb
Started at Wilsontown, but the snow was more like ice and it was just treacherous. So wimped out and did second part of walk near Lanark Loch...which shockingly was a bit like the M25. So many people!!!

A two part walk today. Dirty dawgs III now clean ....

Saturday 6th Feb
Forgot to take picture of dirty dawgs.  So here’s a picture of clean sleeping dawgs. 

Not so wet, just wind and sleet and snow! View from Culter Reservoir.

Friday 5th Feb
F&B are wondering what it is all about!!

Dirty Dawgs II. If only we could do the beach. No mud there!

Thursday 4th Feb
Mud mud mud 

Hmmm. Where to go today?

Thursday 4th Feb
The weather for the next few days is not inspiring. 
Somewhere sheltered I think, if possible. . 


Wednesday 3rd Feb
Post walk washing/shampoo required!!

Weather YUCH! 1.2 deg C, blowing a hoolie feels like minus 2.5. Grim.

Wednesday 3rd Feb
Where do I go? Up high? Snow and ice, we have had rain. Stay low and find shelter. 
The latter I think. 

Lanark Loch Today

Tuesday 2nd Feb
I had to get car to garage near Lanark Loch. So walked it and the area behind, all new to me. Came upon this amazing house. Need to find out what that is about. I think the area may have been some rich persons estate at some point. Bit of snow but nothing amazing!!

Berlimey! Thank you

Monday 1st Feb
Ok so today I start and my target is already reached. 
Thank you a million times to those who have already donated. 
Off the Wilsontown for walkies today. Old iron works. Can see it from home, well its in the fog! 

Looking forward

Sunday 31st Jan
...to the challenge. Though this week could be tricky with more, and lots of snow forecast! 

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Thanks mum for all the walks. We are knackered now so an easier March would be appreciated.


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Well done, Jackie!! A great cause! xx


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I’ve had enough. I’ll give you more money if you just stop walking so far every day. You’re wearing my legs away and they were already on the short side.


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Well done to you and your fur babies for taking on this challenge.




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Well done, the weather is against you but knowing you that won’t put you off. Liz


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Good work team Jackie, big B and Freya XXX


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It would have been too easy in Summer!


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This will explain the February spike in jelly bean consumption - hope you have some great walks! H


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The pups will be happy. Enjoy your walks!


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You’ll do it, no problem! Fingers crossed for decent weather.


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Walkies, Jackie, walkies!


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Good luck to you and the woofs.


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Want to see that step counter 😂 . Such a great cause - good luck Jak x


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Good luck Jackie, lets hope we have a dry and sunny February!


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I suspect F&B will thank you...you might even have to carry on to keep them happy once the month is done. Good luck with that! :D




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Jackie Collins