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Friday 12th February

Anne D passed the goal by doing 10,115 steps on her treadmill. She has been consistent throughout the challenge. Keep going Anne you're doing fantastic. Shirley did a brilliant 6,000 today with a bad back. This consisted of shopping at the supermarket and circuits of the pool table occasionally accompanied by Vinnie the Amstaff and Tattoo the pug😆, Those two ladies will be surprised to see that they managed to beat Moiras total of 5,000 today but in fairness she was sleeping at the time 💤💤💤😜😅  Unfortunately Harriet is still I'll but we know she's supporting them all the way. Get well soon HH we miss you 😚 Honestly ladies you're fabulous and we've already passed the target amount of £200 and it's not even half way through the month...amazing.
Please thank everyone who has donated so far and share the link on Facebook or any other social media. You are truly animal champions 💜💜💜

Day 11 Thursday

Moira went for a long picturesque walk today in the snow Her final total was a whopping 20,844 Anne also completed hers at 10,067 but unfortunately Shirley s back seized up and was very sore so she finished today on 1,500. Great effort team x

Day 10 Wednesday 10th

All the 3 remaining team members did brilliant today again with Anne completing 10,026 on her treadmill Shirley doing 8,000 steps and Moira 10,148🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️🚶‍♀️😘

Day 9 Tuesday

Moira completed 12,067 and Anne, although she didn't feel too great, and started late, still did 67 over her 10,000 goal. You're smashing it👍

Monday 8th February

Today Anne D completed 10,347 in her treadmill❤ The weather was shocking but Moira braved the snowy conditions to walk by the golf course and in local woodland to do 20,024 steps👏👀 She's putting us all to shame lol. Shirley wasn't feeling the best but still managed 5,000 .Well done Ladies x

Day 7 Sunday

Shirley 😨 too much🍸 2,000 steps 👏

Saturday the 6th

Shirl managed 4,000 today as the Scotland rugby team were playing England 🏈🏉 they won the Calcutta Cup 🏆 💙

Day 5 Friday

Today I thought I would try to complete my 5,000 steps for the first time. I put my new pedometer in my roadblocks and set out walking down to our local shops which is around 10 minutes away then I went for food shopping and went walking up and down the far so good.I had to get a taxi home but continues indoors excited to see my total that evening....😃     54... 54 steps 😳😩😤 you couldn't write it !

Day 4 Sad to hear about the passing of a walking champion and inspiration Captain Sir Tom 😪

Today is Thursday and the weather in Fife has been terrible. The wind and rain has never let up today! 🌬🌧☔My health's been slightly worse so still haven't managed to start yet🙄😕 Everyone has been inside. Out team member Harriet is still illl too😥 so we are relying on Shirl, Anne and Moira.
Shirley has completed 8,000 today and given 3,000 to me..Thank you. Anne D managed 1,500 when she braved the weather to get shopping and although she was feeling a bit sluggish she still completed 10,090. She's a ⭐.
Moira even though she was busy caring for others today still out in an excellent effort of 3,000. ✨

Day 3 Wednesday

 Today Anne Duncan completed over 10,000. 14,155 so that gives an extra 4,155 .She explained"  I'm finding it takes about 1 hour and 20 mins of solid brisk walking to do the 10000. I'm doing stints of 30 mins at a time to keep it interesting... would rather be walking round silverburn or letham glen! X" The weather's not helping us in anyway as it's very cold and often raining so the team are confined to indoors to complete their steps! Two members are still out of action but there are carrying on. I managed to get an extra 1,000 from my sister who completed her 5,000. Moira didn't think she'd manage to do any today but ended up doing 6,310 towards Harriets again fantastic effort Ladies 😍

Day 2

It has been a washout for my challenge today as I've been diagnosed with a nasal infection and have been prescribed antibiotics. Thank goodness that my sister managed to do an extra 4,500 by walking the dogs up to our parents house and going round the pool table 😵. Moira did fantastic again completing 10,109 for Harriet who's unfortunately still unwell too. Anne Duncan excelled herself by doing 15,077 leaving the team with an extra 5,077 in the bag. Well done Ladies 😍

Ladies Who Lunge Step for Pets Challenge February 2021

Well done @Anne Duncan for 10,030 done on your treadmill and out substitute/saviour @Moira Bell  @Harriet Hay as you weren't well today you get Moiras 10,020. Shirl forgot she was halving it with me and completed 8,000 so I've pinched 3 of them..I must have done oh 20 yes @Moira Bell that's 20 without the zeros😝 I've been in bed all day and got to phone docs first thing...I've got an overwhelming salty taste in mouth and throat that's making me feel sick..could be nasal infection! But I'll be trying tomorrow. I'll update our page blog. We've lost @Kirsty Kirkwood I think😯 speak tomorrow .Well done everyone not a perfect start however that's reality and that's what happens when your teams partly made up of very unfit middle aged ladies 🙁 (me) but we are off and running or stepping I should say. Everyone's up to date except me I'm 2000 down which I've to make up.

We're fundraising for Scotland's animals.

We're taking part in Step for Pets to help raise funds for Scotland's animals. Throughout Febraury, we will each be aiming to walk 10,000 steps a day. You can support us by donating to our challenge to help care for Scotland's animals.

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Well done Dunky and all the team! What a fantastic effort. Keep on keeping on!


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Well done all! Fantastic effort 😁


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