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I'm fundraising for Scotland's animals.

I'm taking part in Step for Pets to help raise funds for Scotland's animals. Throughout Febraury, I will be aiming to walk 10,000 steps a day. You can support me by donating to my challenge to help care for Scotland's animals.

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The sun and the moon

Monday 22nd Feb
When it's still a wintery walk and the sun and the moon are both makes for still a pleasant walk. Especially when all that snow is gone! There were people put on the golf course today, so making sure we weren't getting in the way while we matched around to get our steps in enjoying the milder weather. Less than a week to go now and my steps are continuing to stay way above target 😊

2 Walks, No Smart Watch!

Saturday 20th Feb
So, I have recorded yesterdays steps as 9,233....when reality is I did at least another 6,000 on that but my smart watch died on me! 😭
As I am ahead of target for this stage in the month though, I have only recorded the actual steps I have on record to keep things right. 
It is the 20th today, which means....only 8 days left!!
My t-shirt arrived yesterday as well, so another wee boost to the motivation 😊

Tough going!

Monday 15th Feb
Lack of updates lately! The weather has not entirely deterred me...but it has been really tough going and after some relatively long walks trudging through the deep snow, and a slip, I have been rather achy! So, as I was ahead of target I did have a couple of days not hitting 10,000 per day. I am still over target for this point in the challenge however...doing well and still going! Half way there and the weather is changing again! Thankfully!

Despite the snow!

Wednesday 10th Feb
Well, despite the snow.... yesterday was a record breaking day at 22,105 the whole day with over half of these being out on our walk. My walking buddy wasn't all that impressed having to bounce through the snow rather than walk, or when the snow was coming in a whirlwind blizzard fashion on the last stretch back to the house. But, we survived it!

It's getting cold outside

Tuesday 9th Feb
I haven't updated for a few days as I have been feeling a little guilty of not getting out as much as I probably should have. But, I have realised I am still on target! Over 90,000 steps so far up to the end of day 8.... This is what I woke up to today, day 9, wish us luck 😂

It never stopped!

Saturday 6th Feb
Yesterday was a particularly awful day, flooding in so many places. So, unfortunately I never got my 10k yesterday (Fri 5th). I do think my walking buddy was glad for the rest from the weather though.....I know I was!! We are still over and above target despite not quite managing 10k

Miserable weather

Friday 5th Feb
Another couple of days done and we are well on target.....despite the miserable weather! Today we have yet another miserable weather day, so it may just be laps around the house and a short walk.....if we want to brave the outdoors....

Long walk

Wednesday 3rd Feb
Once again, the weather wasn't in our my walking buddy was showing off her new coat... although she wasnt so happy about it! Haha! We had a longer walk however, with most of our steps being done on the walk and the rest of the day being a bit more chilled.....quite literally after the walk...I was chilled! Another 12588 steps in the bag though 😊

First Day

Tuesday 2nd Feb
The weather was pretty awful our actual walk wasnt 10,000 steps. But I did hit my target despite the weather!

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Heather Sharp

You're nearly there, snow has gone & the sun has arrived x


Cala Homes

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Shirley Turner

You’re doing really well Sophie. The weather most certainly has not been on your side. Keep up the good work. Shirley x


Cala Homes

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Wendy Seegar

Happy walking!


Rosalynd Allan-ramsay

Great challenge especially in this miserable weather! Happy stepping! Love Roz, Alan and Lewis


Jennifer Nicholson

Great cause Sophie and one that is close to my heart.


Rachel L

Good luck bud! You'll smash it! 💜


Euan Ramsay


Andrew Gallagher

Have fun on your own walking mission! X


Ma & Pa

Great idea! Good luck - hope the weather is kind ;)


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