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I'm fundraising for Scotland's animals.

Throughout August I am taking part in Pound for Paws and aiming to run a minimum of 30km. You can support me by donating to my challenge to help care for Scotland's animals.

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Five K to Finish!

Wednesday 1st Sep
Yesterday Sula and I finished August with a flourish.  We ran five and a half kilmetres in Monadh Mor woods on the final day of the Pound for Paws Challenge.

That's the furthest I've run in a year - whoohooo!  I never thought I'd get that far - or feel this good - when I started.

Your encouragement spurred me on my friends and it's down to your generosity that I kept going.

Some of you said you still wanted to sponsor me - so please e-mail me at to arrange that or do that on or fill in my sponsorship form and give me cash when you see me.

Here's a pic of Sula and I - it's a bit of a crazy one but try keeping a young collie still for a selfie!

Lots of love and appreciation coming your way,
Teen and Sula

Terrier Spirit

Tuesday 31st Aug
Hello dear friends,

Well, here we are at the end of August and I am but a short run away from achieving my goal.

At the start of the month, 30km seemed quite a tall order, as it had been a while since I'd run.  It's been great getting back out again.  Without your sponsorship and encouragement it would never have happened, so huge, heartfelt thanks to you all.

A two-legged friend deserving of special mention here is Kate, who has encouraged me to go further each week when we've met for a run along the banks of the River Beauly. :-)  Thanks Kate. Let's work towards running the whole route in a oner!

I've been accompanied on all my runs by Sula, our nine-month old collie.  She's full of fun and her training in staying calm and not barking and jumping is progressing.

Until the middle of August we were a two dog household.  Abby the Jack Russell lived with us for five years, having come from Ardnamurchan after the death of aunt Roida.

She spent the first years of her life roaming on the family farm there with our uncle George.  After George was incapacitated by a stroke, she joined Roida on the road, visiting folk across the peninsula and beyond as Roida carried on her travelling hairdressing business into her 80s.

Abby also roamed far and wide by herself, visiting households and no doubt chasing wildlife and having adventures aplenty.  However her freedom was curtailed when she went blind in her middle years, and as Roida's health deteriorated she was confined to the house more and more.

These years must have been difficult for wee Abby; lack of exercise caused her to put on too much weight and she developed behavioural issues from being cooped up in the house.

However when she came to live with Stewart and I at Redcastle for her retirement years, she embraced life to the full once more.

Long walks, forays throughout the Highlands, camping trips, islands, mountains - she got out and about loads and regained her fitness and her figure.  An operation to remove a painfully diseased eye was a success and gave Abby a fresh lease of life. She made loads of new friends and was sociable and full of fun once more.

Sadly old age caught up with Abby and a couple of weeks ago we made the heartbreaking decision to have her put down. She was fifteen and a half.

Inspired by Abby's indomitable spirit, I've decided to carry on increasing my running until I achieve double my initial monthly target of 30km.

So I'll aim to run 40km in September and keep on increasing til I reach 60km in a month.

You never know, maybe, like Abby, I too will slim down, smooth out some behavioural issues and get a whole new lease of life, ;-)

Ciao for now,



Today's the day...

Sunday 1st Aug
Here we are, 1st August already and it's time for me to take the most difficult step... getting my trainers on and heading out the door.
Big thanks to everyone who has sponsored me so far. I'm blown away by your generosity in responding to this appeal. 
As well as raising vital funds to enable the SSPCA to keep carrying out their sterling work, you're helping me no end.  Without a target and folk cheering me on, my good intentions are liable to dissolve into procrastination and vagueness. No chance now!!
Right, better ready, get Suligan the Hooligan and get out there. I'll keep y'all posted as to how it's going.

Thank you to my Sponsors



Keep pounding hen ... and less of the pause!




Judith O’keefe

Go Teen x



Go for it Teen!


Carla Mchendry

Run Teen run 🏃🏻‍♀️ 🥰


Rebecca Staffolani

For the wee animals and for you


Yvonne Duff

Push it out Teen for the puppy dogs :-)


Della Matheson

Keep on runnin'


Vajrasara Rankin

All power to ya, hen xxx



Thank you for running Teen 😊 With you every step 🐶🦊🐰🐸🐢🐏 xx


Aaron Thomson


Thomas Shearman



Gawn yersel' hen!



Brilliant Teen xxx



Good luck Teen. What a great way to benefit both yourself and the animals!



Good luck! G xx


Jackie Buchan

Knees up! Knees up! Keep on going my lovely! J xx


Mairi Ross Grey

Go you ❤️



Great cause Teen. I’ll be cheering you on from Port Seton - you can do it!


Rachele Walker

Great work Teen! Well done!


Suzanne Moir


Alison Shearer

You can do it