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I'm fundraising for Scotland's animals.

Throughout August I am taking part in Pound for Paws and aiming to walk a minimum of 30km. You can support me by donating to my challenge to help care for Scotland's animals.

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Thank you all!!

Tuesday 31st Aug
It has been such a successful sponsorship and fundraising month. Wanted to thank you all for donating and I can’t believe I made it to 60K this month. It has had it’s up and some downs due to injury and health but I’m glad we’re here. Thank you all and stay safe!

With kindness,

Day 7 & 8

Sunday 8th Aug
So my Saturday consisted of a rest day as I needed to keep the gammy knee happy. I got back on the wagon on the Sunday and the rain did not let up. I had the park to myself which made the head-banging to my music acceptable, no one wants to see that! Hope you have all had a lovely weekend and wishing you all a positive week ahead. Kind wishes, Char.

Day 6.

Friday 6th Aug
So today I managed just over a measly 2K before the storm arrived and was too drenched to continue. I am happy though as I have managed my initial goal of 30K overall and as promised yesterday, I shall increase my goal to 60K! Another vote of thanks to ones who have donated and shared this page. Thank you for your vote of confidence and most importantly supporting what this wonderful charity does to support animals in dire need. Have a lovely weekend, Char.

Day 5

Thursday 5th Aug
So we are 1K away from the initial goal! Happy with the progress and will increase the goal tomorrow once I hit 30K. All the best.

Day 4.

Wednesday 4th Aug
Another day, another walk! It was a difficult one today but glad I did it. Hope you’re all ok. Lots of kindness, Char.

Day 3.

Tuesday 3rd Aug
Hi all, Hope you’ve all had a good day. Day 3 consisted of a late hilly walk and a lovely sunset. Continuous thanks to all who are donating and spreading the word. Think of all the 2 and 4 legged furry, feathery and scaly beauties you have already helped. I am still hugely overwhelmed by the support and cannot say how thankful I am. With utmost kindness, Char.

Day 2

Monday 2nd Aug
Hello all, Day 2 was pretty productive and look at how gorgeous my local park is! I hope you’ve all had a lovely start to the week. Many thanks for the donations (I’m absolutely overwhelmed and thankful) and for sharing my page. I managed a pretty decent 7K today which I’m pretty pleased with. Wishing you all the best. Char.

Day 1

Sunday 1st Aug
Salutations! My day 1 consisted of an almost 4K walk which was pretty good as the weather was smiling down at me! Looking forward to sharing more updates in the days to come. Don’t forget to share to help support SSPCA. Wishing you all the best for your week.

Day 1

Saturday 31st Jul
Thank you for viewing my page. My day  one will be starting tomorrow (01/08) and I am looking forward to pound my paws in my local park. It is important to note that I will be walking my 30k target instead of running as I have knees that belong to a geriatric chicken. 

I shall try to write a post every couple of days that might involve my cats (Ruti and Jonny) or my bearded dragon (Harold) so stay tuned.

Thank you all and wishing you all the kindness in the world.


Thank you to my Sponsors


Charlene O


Benard Otieno


Matt Scott

Some beautiful looking places walked already, keep it up!


Sebastian Wanless

Walk well Charlene


Adrianna Edwards

You are doing amazingly! So proud of you sis! Keep up the hard work! Sending lots of love and light your way! Love you ❤️ Have a beautiful day!


Tom & Edie X

Go for it Char! 💕




Theresa And Terry

Well done Charlene xx


Owain Walsh

Keep it up!


Stacey Mcneil

Well done Char! You can do it :-) xxx


Louise Devlin

Good luck Char!



I recommend catching some pokemon while you’re at it