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I'm fundraising for Scotland's animals.

Throughout August I am taking part in Pound for Paws and aiming to run a minimum of 30km. You can support me by donating to my challenge to help care for Scotland's animals.

My profile picture is our wonderful dog Daisy and savage cuddled Silas cat who sadly both passed away in 2020. They were both adopted from out local SSPCA, and we had 6 wonderful years with them. 

In September 2020 we adopted two lurchers from our SSPCA - Martha and Lou. They have been a handful, but they have settled into life with us so well - we’d be lost without them now! 

Without the amazing work of the SSPCA, we would not have had or have any of our amazing furry children. They do amazing work for Scotland’s animals, and I am so grateful to them. 

This year I have been diagnosed with ME with vestibular migraines. My energy is very limited unfortunately these days, and I don’t get to exercise much. However I am challenging myself to walk 1km each day in the month of August to raise money for the SSPCA.

💜💚 In memory of Daisy and Silas 💚💜

💜💜 And for the future of dogs like Martha and Lou 💜💜

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Pound for Paws Day 5 🐾

Thursday 5th Aug
Things are going well! I’m currently on track and have completed just over 5km so far! I’ve had a physical week at work as I have had two days of large animal work, on which one of those days I did a farm visit to see a lame bull. I knocked him out and looked at his feet and found an abscess! I was so delighted as this is the first bit of ‘proper’ farm vet work I have done in about a year. But it has come at a cost! I have been sleeping 12 hours a night since then, and have some sore muscles and a sore hip. I’m still managing to get my walking in though, and if anything the walking is definitely helping my muscles. My hips give me a bit of jip every now and then anyway with my ME.

5km down, 25km to go!

£100 target smashed!

Sunday 1st Aug
Day 1 and you wonderful people have already smashed my target of raising £100! 😍

Pound for Paws Day 1 🐾

Sunday 1st Aug
Here we are, August 1st and the start of my 30km challenge for August. I had planned on venturing out for our first walk of the month, but unfortunately my energy levels didn’t allow for this. Instead I had a wander around the garden with our two crazy hounds instead.

This got me reminiscing about last year’s challenge. We had just lost Daisy in July, after having lost Silas in January. My fatigue had taken a nose dive, and if I’m honest, I was in a bad place. This challenge wasn’t easy for me as there were days I could not get out of bed, but I completed it. I missed Daisy and Silas (and still grieve them today), and could not imagine having another animal that wasn’t them in the house. I wasn’t ready to take on a new dog. I wanted to have answers for my fatigue. I wanted to have more of a grip on managing it. And then I got a snapchat of Martha. She was in Thurso vets for a check up. I had to meet her. We went out to Balmore to meet Martha and ended up also meeting Lou. Martha took to Jack quite quickly, and Lou and I instantly had a connection. We’re we mad thinking of taking home two dogs? YES! 😂 But I could not be without them anymore. I wasn’t ready, but I also didn’t realise how much I needed a dog in my life. The joy they bring me. The benefits they bring my mental health. And the company and love they give me (especially on bad days) is awesome.

I will always miss Daisy and Silas. Martha and Lou have not replaced them, they have just added to our crazy family 💜

Just over a week to go!

Saturday 24th Jul
Looking forward to this year’s challenge and I am already thinking of places of walking with the hounds to get our KMs in! I’ll be starting a week tomorrow on the First of August and will keep posting updates on our progress!

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