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It's time to Go Wild for Wildlife

Go Wild for Wildlife and help Scotland's animals.

Scotland is a beautiful country filled with iconic wildlife but they need your help.

Every year, the Scottish SPCA rescues over 10,000 wild animals and they are taken to our one-of-a-kind wildlife hospital. Our resources are stretched to the limit but the casualties keep coming in and each animal needs specialist treatment and care before they can be released into the wild.

By hosting your wildlife themed fundraiser, you’ll be helping ensure that animals across Scotland can continue to receive the care they need from the Scottish SPCA.

How your support helps

£25 could help feed a red squirrel for five days.
£50 could help feed a barn owl for ten days.
£100 could help feed four fox cubs for ten days.

  • Kirsten Kilpatrick just donated £10.50
  • Mum & Dad just donated £20
  • Alec just donated £5.25
  • Fraser McNaughton just donated £10.50
  • Sandra Thomson just donated £10.50
  • Anna Devine-Nisbet just donated £26.25
  • Lesley Toles just donated £10.50


What is Go Wild for Wildlife?

Go Wild for Wildlife is a wildlife themed fundraising activity for you and your family. Let your imagination run wild and get creative when deciding on how to fundraise with your own wildlife inspired ideas.

Can I get a fundraising pack?

When you sign up, you’ll instantly get a digital fundraising guide which you can download to help you with your fundraising. The guide will include all the information you need to host your event. There will also be lots of digital resources you can use to help you with your fundraising.

How much do I need to fundraise?

We’re asking you to aim to raise £100 to help care for Scotland’s animals. Be bold and set your goal, the more you raise, the more animals that can be cared for by the Scottish SPCA.

  • £5 could help feed a hedgehog for five days
  • £25 could help feed a red squirrel for five days.
  • £50 could help feed a barn owl for ten days.

Every day, the Scottish SPCA responds to over 140 reports of animals in need. By raising vital funds, you’ll be helping ensure animals get the care they need.

Honey the Badger

Honey the badger was found alone on the Cramond promenade in Edinburgh at only five weeks old.

She had a few small injuries so we suspect something dragged her from her sett and away from her family. Honey was very unsteady on her feet and wouldn’t have survived on her own in the wild.Once she had weaned at 12 weeks old, her diet included scrambled eggs and porridge!

Young badgers are very sociable creatures so they need a lot of stimulation and interaction. Thankfully for Honey, she was joined by two other young badgers and they have become best friends! They spend their days playing and sleeping in the specially designed artificial badger sett at our one-of-a-kind wildlife hospital.

Get ready to #GoWildforWildlife